Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My Android apps

We are listing down most important and necessary android applications.....

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Most people tend to install applications whenever they hear about it irrespective of the fact that it might not suit them.

Even if you have large memory that will allow you to install as many apps as you need it will have a bad effect on the performance of your device, it will also affect the battery badly(some apps tend to run in background even if you are not using them)

So whenever I am selecting apps for my device I always gave care to the size of apps, it's performance, permissions etc.

Below are the necessary and sufficient apps for your device so that you can make most of it. All of these are installed in my Sony Xperia Miro and serving me and lot of other people very well. I recommend you guys to install all of theses. If you experience lack of space for the apps, there are different ways to overcome this. I shall mention about this in some future posts.

I haven't given the list of pre installed applications /well known apps with your device, including native browser, google applications such as gmail, google map, googletalk(now hangover), Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, Adobe Reader, WhatsApp  etc.

1. MX Player

If you have MX Player you don't need any other media player. You can even remove the preinstalled video players and just keep this alone. (you can remove preinstalled apps only if your phone is rooted)

This will play .flv files as well. There are plenty of options with the player that will suit your needs. This even allow us to add and view subtitles as well with the player.

Mx player install link

In addition, to make MX Player fully compatible to all types of video files you can install MX Player codecs as well. You may update/install latest codecs so that your player will be able to play all types of video files smoothly.

Mx player codecs link

2. Concise oxford dictionary

Once completely downloaded you can use the dictionary even if you are not online. There are different dictionary applications available. This app outsmarts every other dictionary app as it can deliver you most comprehensive answers even if you are offline. You can also have a history of words that you searched using the dictionary.

Oxford dictionary download link

3. Tubemate

Very useful app that will allow you to download videos from YouTube and enjoy whenever you want. You can save videos from YouTube in different formats as per your requirements. The downloads can be paused and resume later. This also have one more advantage that even if internet connection broken for some time, download won't fail and can be resumed later. No free version is available on Google app store (Google play) . So you would need to download from outside Android market.

Tubemate download link

4. Truecaller

This application is an online repository of phone numbers. Needs internet. When you get a call from unknown number this app connects to internet and try to see the owner of the number. You can also search and try to find the owner of an unknown number anytime. It will give you the result only if the number already present in the repository. The online repository increases daily continuously as more people uses the app.

Truecaller install link

5. ADM

Android download manager is a very useful application if you need to download large files from Internet. This is similar to IDM in Windows. This will allow you to pause the download whenever you need and restart from that position later. If you are not using any ADM, your download may fail if your internet connection failed even for a small period .

ADM install link

6. Flashlight.

This will help you to turn your camera flash into a bright LED light. Very helpful at night. Even if your device don't have flashlight it can maximize your home screen light to turn your phone into a torch. A must have application for all the people.

Flashlight install link

7. Aldiko

Best android ebook reader. Compatible with different book formats. Can arrange books in suitable order. It always open from the page last read.

Aldiko install link

 8. Compass

Compass that may help you if you are lost.... :-) This will give your location as well if you are connected to internet. However one need not have internet for this interesting app.

Compass install link

 9. Camscanner

Useful app that will help you to scan documents using your mobile camera and convert them to PDF format. Since you can convert the images to PDF format, this certainly acts as a scanner.

Camscanner install link

10. NeoReader

This a barcode scanner using your camera, will help you get the product, price etc information. This application reads either barcodes, or the QR codes and connect to internet to fetch the required information for its user.

NeoReader install link.

11. Smart Voice recorder

A good voice recorder that can come handy at times. This even can record the words that you say in middle of sleep, but allow you to skip silence so that you can record only the sounds !!

Voice recorder link 

12. LiveScore

LiveScore brings you most updated information on sports. Must have application for sports enthusiasts. If you are more into specific sports such as cricket then better have specific app For cricket best app is CricBuzz

LiveScore install link

13. Google keep

This is a useful app which will allow you to note down things that you would need to remember. This is just like sticky notes that will come handy when you go out for a shopping or something. Helps you not to forget things. You can also make it like a diary, even include photos and all...

Google keep install link

You may decide to keep/delete the pre installed apps as per your need. You might need to have your device rooted. If you need any further info related to the above post, raise on comments.

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