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Sony Xperia Rooting

The purpose of this post is to share our experience on Rooting android mobiles in General and specifically on Sony Xperia Miro/Tipo

We are sure that you will love your mobile when you start utilizing all of its capabilities.

Please let us and other readers know if you are aware of any other related Information. Please feel free to comment on the post.

Xperia Miro and Tipo are very similar devices, only difference is Miro is the higher version, like it will have better camera , more memory, more RAM etc.

Rooting your android mobile

I would like to give you an idea about what is rooting and why is it important, if you are unaware.

Android is a Linux based operating system. For any Linux based system 'root' means the same thing. That is providing administrative access. For other systems there is no question of this root access, because be it windows/any other OS, no one can see the source code and no one can change it. But Linux provide users unlimited freedom and their source code is open.

But when you get your brand new android mobile, you won't be having this root access because your mobile company always disable the root access. This is to avoid user accidently changes something which may bring the device to unstable condition. They also don't wish to remove any pre installed applications and settings.

But there are lot of android exports/hackers out there who will always find solutions to any of your problem. If you can think something like, "this would have been better in other way" ,definitely the 'other way' exists. Only that you don't know yet.
So whatever be your android model, there are ways to root your device.


But don't worry, if you are doing things carefully, everything will be just fine. And no mobile company provides you warranty more than one year !!!


These are the things that I was able to perform after granting ROOT access to my device.

1. Uninstall and remove unwanted pre-installed applications(Bloatwares).

    The root access gives you power to uninstall any apps including system apps. The pre installed applications will vary with devices and from time to time. Even for the same brand two devices may have different set of pre installed apps, depending upon their region, release date etc. Most of these apps are just junk which are also known as Bloatware. These apps waste phone memory. A few of them may affect the performance of the device as well.

The below listed applications I removed from my mobile after rooting.

a. AppXtra
Completely obsolete application. If you have android market (Google Play), you never need an app like this.

b. Hindi Jagran
Some Hindi newspaper, I never had any intention of reading!!

c. Stumped
A game , that I didn't like.

d. Astro file manager
I installed root file manager which is actually better than this. I don't need multiple applications for the same functionality in my device.

e. Track ID
This application will connect to internet and will TRY to give you the details of the music playing in mobile. Absolutely unnecessary as I know what I am hearing and I get the details when I download music.

f. Live ware manager
This application allow you to set the things that you like to do when an external device such as head phone or Bluetooth connects to your mobile.
I removed the app as this is very annoying, each time it will prompt you for setting and I will be doing different things at different times with the same external device.

g. Native video player:

I removed native video player as I have better one already which is MX Player.
I don't even remember the old player name :-)

Similarly you can decide which are the applications you really need and if you are using certain application very rare , it's better to uninstall them.

If you want to install more applications that are really important for you, you better save some space. Even after you uninstall the pre installed applications, your phone memory will still have the .apk file for that app that you can use to install the app again at a later point of time.

Anyway, if you are certain you would never need that app again you can remove the .apk file and save some more space.
Below are the two possible locations you can find the .apk file.



You can use root explorer app to go to the location and delete apk file from there.


You should delete only those .apk files that you already uninstalled.
There might be slight variations in the location of these .apk file for different android models. Anyway you can browse and try to find the location using root explorer. And please be careful not to uninstall any important system apps like message app, clock etc.

2. Increase memory

Now a days memory is not an issue, as all new android devices have sufficient memory. But if you feel you don't have enough memory to install applications, you can use memory tweaks to solve your problem.

Let me tell you my experience.

For Sony Xperia Miro , the available phone memory is around 700 MB and internal memory is 2 GB.

And by default the applications will be installed to phone memory. So you may feel the 700 MB not enough. There is a solution that you can move applications to 2GB internal memory.

Settings-> apps-> select your app , you can see option 'move to internal storage' Done !!!

There are applications to move apps from phone memory to SD card. Just install those ONLY IF you don't have inbuilt options to do the same.

But still I felt lack of memory as I tend to install lot of games that have huge memory requirements.

I had 16 GB external memory card. So if there is a way to move the apps to external memory card instead of 2 GB, that would solve my problem.

Hurray!!! :-) You can do that if your phone is rooted. What we can do is swap internal storage of 2GB and external memory card (my case 16 GB). Now android system will think 16 GB is my internal storage and move apps to it when using the option to move apps to internal storage.

This would be possible only if your device is rooted. Once rooted please follow the instructions given in the below link.

Link:- Swap internal SD card and External SD

There is one more method which is better than the previous one to utilize space in external SD card. This method uses the app Link2SD to be able to install apps into external SD card instead of phone memory. This method is better because it doesn't affect the performance of system, but on the other hand improves it slightly.

Link:- Guide to use Link2SD

3. Customization

You can customize phone with various themes and boot loading animations.

NOTE: it's better not to use different apps to change your themes and other customizations. You can do all by yourself and be safe in terms of performance and Trojans

4. Install Bravia engine

Sony have Bravia engine in different models but not in all models, you can install it if you have root access . I will be publishing a detailed post on that within two weeks so keep posted.

5. Sound enhancement

There is a tweak to enhance your Mobile sound quality that you can do if your phone s rooted.

These are the major advantages when you root your device. I will be updating post with more advantages soon.

6. Installing custom ROMs, Apps that can be installed only with Root.

One main reason to have root access is to install numerous wonderful apps that work ONLY in a ROOTED device. These apps brings significant improvement in the performance of your device and make your device powerful and beautiful. If you are getting bored with your stock ROM, you can flash custom ROMs as you wish.

7. Xposed Framework

The last, but most important advantage of rooting your device. The super kid from XDA Forum developed by rovo89. This is an application/framework that can be installed in rooted devices. This doesn't do anything by its own, but enables the specifically developed modules to change the behaviour of certain app in your device without decompiling and recompilation.

There are thousands of modules that are working with Xposed Framework. These modules can modify looks and behaviour of system apps as well as installed apps to suit various needs. To know more see the link. This has grown quite big last year that it has its own XDA forum now !!

Link:- Xposed Framework & Modules

     Please follow the below link to root your phone. It's quite easy . If you have any doubts feel free to comment so that we can help you.

Link :- Root Sony Xperia

This method is suitable for Xperia Miro as well , as we had succeeded in rooting Miro.

NOTE: you must note your android version and firmware before you process as this is VERY IMPORTANT

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